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Avenue of the Giants

avenue-of-the-giantsA 32-mile section of old Highway 101 in Northern California, bypassed by a modern freeway in 1960.

The Avenue, which stretches from Pepperwood to Phillipsville, passes through a magnificent redwood forest.

The route began with dirt logging trails cleared in the mid-1800’s. Over time the trails were improved and paved, and eventually became a part of California’s Highway 101. The winding highway through the redwoods became very popular with tourists in the 1930’s, and cabin camps, diners, and souvenir stands sprang up along the road. The surrounding forests of giant redwoods (Sequoia Sempervirens) were designated as state parks to protect them from logging, making the drive on of the most beautiful in the world.

In 1960, a wider, more direct freeway officially replaced the old highway. In a roadside ceremony, Governor Edmund G. “Pat” Brown stood beside some of the tallest trees in the world and dedicate the “Avenue of the Giants Parkway.”

Today the highway is still a popular tourist destination. People flock to drive through or hike among the enormous redwoods, which, at heights up to 300 feet, are the tallest tress in the world.

Visitors can see tourist attractions from past decades, including the Drive Through Tree, Chimney Tree, and Forever Tree, as well as campgrounds, cabins and souvenir shops.

Markers along the Avenue designate some of the best stops and sites; there is a complete map and a description of each marker at


Northern California, off Highway 101.  South entrance at Phillipsville, exit #645.  North entrance at Pepperwood, exit #764.


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