How to Get a Free Bet at a Sportsbook


Most sportsbooks make placing bets easy. The betting odds for each team are stacked up across the cell with their respective line. So, if USC is a 14-point underdog against Alabama, all you have to do is click on the cell next to its name. You can legally wager in more than half the states. Approximately 20 of those states offer full online wagering, while others offer in-person betting. You can find a sportsbook in your state if you’re interested in placing a bet.

Sign-up bonuses

Sign-up bonuses are a common way to get more money from sports betting sites. These offers are designed to entice new players to open an account with them, and many sportsbooks combine their sign-up bonus with the initial deposit. Other sites will double the rollover amount or even triple it! There are some things to look for in these promotions. Listed below are a few common sportsbook sign-up bonuses and what you should look for.

Free bets

To get a free bet at a sportsbook, you must sign up for a new account with the site. Most online sportsbooks offer free bets to new customers. Sometimes, these are deposit matching bonuses and can be redeemed multiple times. These bonuses are not obvious, but they are a good way to maximize profits when playing sports online. Listed below are some of the ways you can get a free bet at a sportsbook.

Reload bonuses

Reload bonuses at sportsbooks allow existing customers to receive free money after making subsequent deposits. These bonuses can be worth up to a certain amount and may have wagering requirements. Reload bonuses are generally offered to new sign-ups, but regular players can also benefit. For example, a 50-dollar deposit may qualify you for a bonus of $25. The terms and conditions of reload bonuses at sportsbooks differ from one book to another.


While many sports bettors consider a push in sportsbook as a loss, they should know that a push is a tie. In other words, a push is not a win or a loss, it’s just an eliminated wager. While a push is not a bad result, it’s also a way for you to collect a free data point. There are ways to avoid pushing in sports betting, though.


A sportsbook’s handle is the amount of wagers it accepts in a specific period of time. The biggest handle of the year is usually tied to the Super Bowl, so a sportsbook will try to track the amount of wagers placed during specific events to compare them to previous years. Ultimately, a handle can be valuable for both the bookie and the bettor. But what exactly is a handle? Here are some tips for interpreting a sportsbook’s handle.